Juicing Versus Blending

Fresh Vegetable Juice

Fresh Vegetable Juice

I am often asked ‘Why do I want to juice?  Why can’t I just make smoothies?’  So I thought that I would share with you what I know about this.

Don’t get me wrong, juicing is great and blending is great.  You just may want to know the difference so that you can get the most benefit, when you need it.


When you juice fresh fruits and vegetables, you, essentially, squeeze the liquid out of the produce and separate it from the pulp (the fibrous part).  You only drink the juice and usually you can use the pulp for other recipes.

The great thing about drinking the pure juice is that your body does not have to work to digest it.  The juice goes straight to the blood stream and all the nutrients are quickly absorbed there.  You could say that it is a liquid supplement!  Juicing breaks down the ‘box’ that some minerals are kept in and allows our body to get at it easier.  Fresh juice is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and oxygen.   It is so wonderfully hydrating for your body as well, especially when you juice greens and sprouts.  Juicing helps our body easily get rid of toxins and other wastes.  A terrific way to start the day or enjoy a ‘pick me up’ or even end the day!


When you blend fruits and vegetables in a high speed blender, you get a nice smooth consistency and keep all of the fiber intact.  This is beneficial for easy bowel movements.  It is quick to prepare smoothies and for people who have difficulty chewing whole foods this would make eating them much easier.

For some people, juicing takes more time.  The clean up is the issue.  For me, juicing is more beneficial and it is worth it for me to juice and take the time to clean up.  When I drink a glass of green juice, I actually feel my body soaking it up.  It is incredible.

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