6 Ways to Outsmart Your Food Cravings


What are Food Cravings?

I believe that most people in Western Society have regular food cravings.  Usually the cravings are for a sweet or salty and/or crunchy snack.   You know, when you are watching a good movie and you just want that bag of potato chips?  Or you had a big argument with your spouse or a friend and the only thing that will make you feel better are the cookies or the bowl of ice cream?  We have all been there.Continue Reading

My Raw Dilemma

vegetables-2I am very focused on my health and am quite strict with myself when it comes to food choices.

I want to eat as much raw foods as I possibly can because I know that fresh, raw vegetables and fruit are full of important enzymes, vitamins and minerals that improve my overall health.  I know that these fresh raw foods rejuvenate my cells and clean my bloodstream. This helps me to maintain my weight, gives me more energy and helps me to feel more alive.Continue Reading

Pain in the Ass Parasites

Honestly, I know.  Parasites are nasty things that can make your life miserable.  But there is hope.  They can be destroyed.

It has become apparent that more people are infested with parasites and harmful micro-organisms than previously suspected.  In order to have true vitality and strong immunity it is important to understand the nature of parasites, the symptoms of parasitic infection, how parasites spread and to have a healing strategy.

I highly recommend that everyone does a parasite cleanse at least once per year, along with a yeast cleanse.Continue Reading

My Relationship with Candida

My relationship with Candida began in University, many years ago.  I felt tired all of the time, especially after eating.  I found myself craving breads, sweets and fruits and having very little self-control when I tried not to eat those foods.  Overall I felt foggy (I had difficulty concentrating), weak and sad; almost depressed.  I decided that I needed to do something about it.

I had the good fortune that my parents had been to see a medical doctor who was open to healing through diet and other natural means and so they suggested that I see him.

Upon meeting him, he was very frank with me.  He told me that from my symptoms and from a few other things that were visible to him (white spots on my fingernails, fungus on my toenails), that I had an overproduction of Candida.  I had never heard of this before.Continue Reading

Replenishing Your Gut Flora

gut healthAWhat are gut flora?

Gut flora are microorganisms that live in the digestive tracts of animals.  In the case of humans, we have about 100 trillion microorganisms in our intestines.  Wow.  I can hardly even imagine how many that really is.  Can you?

Why are gut flora important?

The gut flora in humans are there to help with the following important functions;

  • to regulate our bowel movements
  • to regulate our metabolism
  • to protect us from infection
  • to support the immune system
  • to help keep our hormones balanced
  • to make B Vitamins and Vitamin K
  • to break down carbohydrates to give us energy and nutrients
  • to protect us from inflammatory bowel disease or irritable bowel syndrome, type I diabetes and depression (who knew?!)

There are more functions that gut flora are involved in but this gives you an idea as to how important the flora are to our bodies.Continue Reading

Love Your Body. Drink Green Juice.


Today, I am going to inspire you to drink green juice.

Let me remind you why you want to drink fresh juice in the first place.

  • Supercharge your metabolism
  • Fight disease
  • Improve digestion
  • Alkalize the body
  • Boost your energy
  • Lose weight naturally
  • Improve your mind and body

Drinking juices made from green vegetables and herbs increases these benefits significantly. Greens are packed with chlorophyll.  Chlorophyll has many extra benefits to the above, including the following…Continue Reading

The Benefits of Carrot Juice

I love juicing all kinds of vegetables, especially greens.  I know that some people struggle with the strong taste of juiced greens, especially if they are new to juicing or new to eating more raw vegetables.  Carrot juice, combined with green juice, makes for a very palatable drink, even for ‘beginners’ and for children.

Fresh carrot juice

There is some controversy regarding carrot juice and the fact that is has a high sugar content.  Yes, carrot juice is sweet, but in fact, it is a very good blood sugar regulator due to its carotenoid content.

Carrot  juice has many benefits, that once you know about them, you will want to include it in your juice regime, regularly.

  • Excellent source of vitamins– Vitamin A, C, D, E, K, B1, B6
  • Rich with minerals– Biotin, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and trace minerals
  • Contains Carotene – well-known, powerful antioxidant
  • Tops are nutritious– rich with potassium and protein
  • Contains phyto-nutrients -help heal various diseases
  • Very cleansing – gets rid of mucus, reduces inflammation and also detoxes the liver

Continue Reading

3 Reasons To Read The Ingredients On Packaged Foods

reading-food-labels Are you worried about the ingredients that are in the packaged foods that you buy?

Why would you want to read the ingredients?

Here are 3 good reasons:

  1. You have the power to make informed choices regarding your health.
  2. You can save money.
  3. You can avoid unnecessary illness and disease.

You’ve Got the Power!

Reading the ingredient list on packaged foods means that you know what foods  are going in to your body.  You know if this sauce has 17 ingredients, half of which you are unable to pronounce or if there are only 4 ingredients that are all organic and are foods that you may already have in your fridge at home.  You can decide what is right for you.Continue Reading

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

I love the taste of coconut oil!  I could eat it by the spoonful, that’s how much I like it, but I know, everything in moderation.  I am thrilled that it is has some great health benefits and I want to share them with you.


Remember to look for Organic, unrefined, virgin coconut oil, even if you are only using it topically.  Our skin is a major organ and easily absorbs toxins from pesticides.  The brand that I use and recommend to my customers is Maison Orphee.

coconut oil

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5 Ways to Improve Your Brain Power

After my recent concussion,  I am now especially interested in my brain and giving it extra special care to bring it back to its normal, healthy state.  Perhaps you have suffered a brain injury, or Alzheimers is a reality in your world or you feel your memory playing tricks on you or you just want to get through your exams with ease. I know that you will take something away from this information that will help you.

There are many ways to improve your brain power.  You can do a lot of research and find a lot of information.  I know.  I have done a lot of research.  For now, I will focus on your diet and things that you can easily add to take care of your noggin’.

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