5 Great Ways to Turn Your Salad into a Delicious Meal

IMG_0792I love to eat salad.  I really do.

When I make a basic salad, I think about including different types of vegetables; root vegetables (carrots, onions), round vegetables(broccoli, cauliflower) and leafy vegetables(lettuce, parlsey).  I also consider different colours of the rainbow.  Having a variety of types and colours of vegetables ensures that I will ingest a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Many people tell me that eating a salad is just not enough for them.  It doesn’t fill them up.   I think that it would help by making the salad the main thing, rather than the ‘side’, if you know what I mean.  Get a large dinner plate and pile it high with your favourite things.

I am also told that in the winter time (which is now in my part of the world) they don’t ‘feel’ like having salad.  I have a suggestion for that.Continue Reading

Your Biggest Source of Stress May Not Be What You Think

IMG_0385AFor most people, stress is real in their lives.  People struggle with Physical stress, Emotional stress and more recently, Nutritional Stress.

What is Nutritional Stress?

Nutritional Stress is defined as stress in the body caused by eating foods with unhealthy properties.  It is caused by eating processed foods, eating too many sugary treats, eating refined foods, eating hydrogenated oils and more.

Our health is compromised by eating processed foods on a regular basis.  It is common these days for people to have many food sensitivities, as well as allergies. Studies have shown that there is a link between food sensitivies and allergies and the typical North American diet.  The food sensitivies and allergies can give way to ‘cravings’ and so the unhealthy foods are difficult to eliminate.Continue Reading

A Day of Gratitude

In Canada, we will celebrate Thanksgiving Day this coming Monday.  It is a time to give thanks for a good harvest and perhaps celebrate other good things that have happened this year.


Previously I regarded this day as a day to get together with family and enjoy a nice meal.  Nothing more really.

Since my accident last year, I now take the idea of being thankful a bit more seriously.  I actually have a Gratitude Journal that has regular entries.  Writing down things that I am grateful for has been good therapy for me.  I had a few months there were I was quite confused as to my purpose on this planet and what was really the point of being here?Continue Reading

Quick & Tasty Summer Salad Recipe

IMG_0377AFor me, summer means an abundance of fresh cucumber and tomatoes right out of the garden.  Sometimes it is hard to stop myself from eating them before I have a chance to prepare a tasty salad.  This salad is easy to double or even triple, especially when the produce keeps coming.  Enjoy!

Remember to choose organic whenever possible.

Refreshing Cucumber & Cherry Tomato SaladContinue Reading

5 Reasons to Eat Asparagus


Do you enjoy fresh asparagus?  I do!  And now is the time to be eating it!  Right now it is widely available in my local community.  I have a friend who brings me fresh asparagus every week.  Yummy!

Why is it good for us?

  1. Rich in protein- 1 cup of asparagus is only 24 calories but half of the calories are derived from protein.
  2. Excellent source of folic acid- 263 micrograms/cup.  The optimum daily intake is 400-1200mcg.  Folic acid is beneficial in a variety of body process but one of its most important roles is that folic acid works closely with Vitamin B12 in the production of genetic material.  This is why the folic acid levels of pregnant women is closely monitored.
  3. High in many vitamins- excellent source of Vitamins C, A, K, B6, B2(riboflavin) and B1(thiamin)- all of these needed to maintain a healthy nervous system.
  4. Good source of dietary fiber– as well as niacin, phosphorus, potassium and iron
  5. Historically used to treat arthritis and rheumatism– According to  ‘The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods’ by Michael Murray N.D., ‘asparagus has unique phytochemical antioxidants as well as inhibitors of the COX-2 enzyme, which produces inflammatory compounds.  Ultimately, this means that asparagus can benefit those with arthritis.  Yay!

Of course there are those who are not fond of asparagus because their urine has a strong odour soon after eating asparagus.  Well this is just an indication of how well it works as a diuretic.  Another yay!

I enjoy finely chopped asparagus added to my salads and also marinated in a balsamic vinaigrette with olive oil.

Here is a different recipe to try…Asparagus Guacamole

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