Hi, my name is Barbara Dolan and I am thrilled to have you visit me here!

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I have embraced a vegan lifestyle since 1995 and have continually added more raw foods, moving between 50% and 100% raw at different times over the years.  I am very passionate about preparing delicious, healthy, organic foods for myself and for my family.  My desire is to inspire you to do the same.

In September 2013, I  fell off my bicycle, hit my head and was unconscious for about 30 minutes or more.  At the time of this writing (March 2014), I am still recovering from the concussion I suffered.  It has been quite a journey, with many ups and downs.

I have realized that life is short and one must live with passion now.  I realize, more than ever, that it is very important to take excellent care of our bodies in the short time we are here on Earth.  I am motivated to feed my body the purest foods, that nourish me and give me the energy that I need.  This, for me, is done by including as many raw foods as possible in to my diet.

Throughout my life journey, I have come to the conclusion that I feel at my best when I am eating a lot of raw foods, especially juicy fruits and vegetables.  I feel more alive, more energetic and happier. I chose this lifestyle to be environmentally-conscious and also to increase my energy, lift my spirits and stay young!

I hope to share, with you, my inspirations, my ideas and my thoughts, on living a healthy lifestyle that incorporates raw foods, healthy activities and positive thoughts.   My goal is to live each day to its fullest, and this includes taking care of my health, my heart and my head!

I look forward to our time together!

Yours in Health,


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