A High Vibrational Salad

Food has energy.  Some food more than others. The more energy or Life Force that a food has, the more our body will absorb this energy and help us feel more vitality than before.

Read more about the concept of food and energy at The Tapping Choice where I wrote a guest post.

Foods that have a high vibration are:

  • Organic foods-develop very high vibrations. Pesticides have a very low life force energy.
  • Freshly picked ripe fruits and vegetables-learn to grow your own food
  • Sprouts-learn to make simple sprouts here-mung bean, alfalfa, radish, broccoli, clover
  • Edible flowers and weeds
  • Sea vegetables and algae
  • Plant sprouts-buckwheat, sunflower, pea shoots, wheatgrass

So I decided to prepare a salad that could help raise your vibration and leave you feeling energized.  Ready?Continue Reading

Quick & Tasty Summer Salad Recipe

IMG_0377AFor me, summer means an abundance of fresh cucumber and tomatoes right out of the garden.  Sometimes it is hard to stop myself from eating them before I have a chance to prepare a tasty salad.  This salad is easy to double or even triple, especially when the produce keeps coming.  Enjoy!

Remember to choose organic whenever possible.

Refreshing Cucumber & Cherry Tomato SaladContinue Reading